Your Surgery

Nurse attending to patient lying down

Before Surgery

Once your surgery has been scheduled, you will be notified of the date and time. A nurse and an anesthesiologist from the Center will then contact you with a pre-operative questionnaire that will help us provide the most thorough and appropriate care.


During surgery, a medical anesthesiologist ensures safety and comfort for your child throughout their treatment.

Day of Surgery

Upon arrival at the Center, your registration will be completed and you will meet your surgical team to prepare for surgery. Any additional questions that you may have will be answered at that time.

After Surgery

When your surgical procedure has ended, you will be taken back to our recovery area, where your companion may join you.

Children and Special Needs

At Grove Creek Surgery Center, we work hard to meet the special needs of children and adults and create a relaxed, comfortable environment. We consider it a privilege to treat pediatric and special needs patients.