Grove Creek surgeons specialize in advanced and minimally invasive techniques for procedures on the brain, spinal column, and peripheral nerves. These techniques can be used successfully for a variety of conditions.


Grove Creek’s orthopedic doctors, surgeons, and clinicians are Utah’s winning team for treating sports injuries, as well as other complex conditions that may require a knee replacement, hip replacement, spinal fusion or procedure for the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, ankles and feet. From minimally invasive back surgery to breakthrough research in cartilage replacement therapy, Grove Creek is the place for orthopedics.


The physicians are known as physiatrists who are experts in diagnosing and treating pain (acute or chronic). The physiatrists help patients to achieve optimal quality of life and function by reducing pain. This branch of medicine comprises of various treatment options, including interventional pain management such as facet injections, spinal cord stimulation and epidural injections. Interventions in physical therapy may include massage, braces and exercise programs.


Our Podiatrists treat and perform surgery of the foot and ankle, including Achilles tendon injuries, heel and ankle problems, bunionectomies (removal of painful bunions), and correction of hammertoes.







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