Financial Preperation

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Grove Creek Surgery Center respects the individual needs of our patients and treats them with compassion and understanding. In this regard, we hope that you find our fees to be reasonable in comparison with hospital alternatives.

Grove Creek charges a base fee for each procedure performed. Since we are required to collect deductibles and co-insurance portions on the day of procedure, we use this base fee to estimate this amount. Depending upon the final determination of your procedure, the base fee may be adjusted resulting in a change to the amount required for collection. Here at Grove Creek, we are required to collect deductibles and co-insurance payments on the day of you procedure. This amount, determined by your insurance plan will either be a flat rate or a percentage of you total bill. Prior to your date of surgery, the surgery center will estimate the total cost of your procedure based on information given to us from your surgeon. Depending on the final determination of your procedure, the cost of your procedure may change. Any over payments will be explained to you on the explanation of benefits (EOB) and refunded to you immediately and any amounts due will be billed to you. You will receive independent charges for Anesthesia, Pathology, and Physician fees. These charges will be billed separately.


Please Remember to bring the following items:

    • List of your current medications
    • Your Driver’s license or a picture ID
    • Your Insurance Card
    • If available, Worker’s Compensation Authorization Forms
    • Cash, Check, Debit or Credit Card for required deductibles or co-insurances
    • Copy of Advanced Directive

We accept all Insurance, Work Comp, and Medicare plans. Payment plans may be arranged and discussed prior to your procedure. If you have any questions regarding fees or payment policies, please contact our business office at 801-772-5050. We will be happy to help you between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Our center will accept all major credit cards over the phone to pay patient balances.