Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at the surgical center at your appointed time and check in with an administrative assistant. As an outpatient, you will leave the facility after your procedure, so be sure that somebody will drive you home at that time. Any additional information, such as advanced directives that legally assign rights to other parties in some events, may be reviewed and signed.

An attending nurse will lead you to the pre-operative room, where you will be prepared for your surgery. He or she will likely take vital statistics, such as temperature, blood pressure, patient weight, as well as perform an ECG and check patient ears, nose and throat passages. He or she will review key questions and information along with your doctor or surgeon. You will then be changed into a patient gown, slippers and headcover. Depending upon your needs, you may either take oral or intravenous sedation and other necessary medications.

A nurse will assess you one last time before you are brought into the operating arena. Once under anesthesia, you will be prepared for your specific procedure. Then, your lead surgeon, attending nurses and other medical technicians will work together to ensure your successful surgical operation.