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Welcome To Grove Creek Surgery Center

Grove Creek Surgery Center is a service-oriented ambulatory surgery center whose purpose is to provide an environment where patients, family, physicians, and staff work as a team to provide the highest quality outpatient procedures and surgical care available, while maintaining cost effectiveness.


Brain scan x ray


A diagnosis that requires brain or spinal surgery is not only challenging, but also very difficult for you and your family. Our neurosurgeons are devoted to treatment of disorders of the spine, brain and peripheral nerves. [Neurology]

Doctors performing surgery


At Grove Creek Surgery Center, our aim is to restore your mobility with the best possible care, so you can get your life back fast. We offer a wide range of orthopedic services for patients of all ages. [Orthopedics]

Woman holding her neck with a doctor beside her.


Grove Creek’s physiatry services provide specialized care that you need if you’ve had an accident, or suffer from a disease that has compromised your mobility or left you with chronic pain. [Physiatry]

Woman tying her shoelaces


At Grove Creek, we use personalized, integrated care to provide you with optimal health for your feet. Our doctors are skilled at diagnosing and providing treatment for foot and ankle pain. [Podiatry]

hospital beds in a facility
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